Flex Marine Power: Identity and digital assets

How to garner tidal energy is the passion of Flex Marine Power, a green energy start up that is focussed on providing small coastal communities with reliable and sustainable energy.

Design Penguin were recommended by a previous client and we met over Zoom, with them in Scotland. They told us of the test scheme that was already in progress in the Sound Islay. We studied the engineering diagrams of the turbines and came up with logo designs and a graphical map of the ecosystem already in use. Once they decided on a logo, we created a simple band document and assets so they could start marketing the project and look at funding to take it to the next stage. We designed slide decks and a brochure for the funding applications to promote their innovative eco-method of generating power by harnessing the tides.

We were delighted to celebrate Flex Marine Power have been awarded of £1.86M by InnovateUK to support the further development of the tidal turbine technology.

Design does make a difference – especially when engineering design meets with graphic design.

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