Padstow Cottage Company

Karen has worked with Gill, Gemma and Paul of Padstow Cottage Company since they first began in 2005. They started with 2 cottages of their own and we created a logo and site to take booking enquiries manually. The next incarnation was a fully automated, bespoke built site for when they started listing other owners properties along with their own. This was ahead of its time, as as no off the shelf products existed to do this.

We first developed a subtle, beach-inspired brand, then in 2020 we designed the new logo you see today and a brand new website using the booking engine Anytime. Our objective was to make site look different from the many booking websites that are now online. Making sure it stood out and was memorable for when people are browsing they come back looking for the site with the ‘little logos’.

We design a distinct quirky, yet stylish, logo for each individual property that follows the main brand palette and style, which is used on the website then on a nameplate outside each cottage in Padstow. This means that every person booking a property becomes familiar with the particular brand for their cottage, as well as the wider ‘parent’ brand for the Padstow Cottage Company.

We continue to support the PCC team with regular updates to the site, keeping on top of SEO, Google Maps and any other items that crop up.

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